Tuesday, April 20, 2010


That's how you spell this Icelandic Volcano, right?

Like I said last week, my mom has been planning to visit me.  She was scheduled to come in today...but with the volcanic mess, we thought we'd have to reschedule.  Or worse...cancel.  But by the skin of our teeth, my mom is hovering somewhere over German skies right now.  Here's how close it was.

As of Monday, my mom's flight was canceled.  As she was trying to get a hold of Lufthansa to change the date, I found out that the flight was still on!  Lufthansa got clearance to bring in 50 international flights back to Germany.  This was mostly done for bringing Germans back home.  Luckily, my mom got to keep her reservation and was off on her first trans-Atlantic journey as scheduled.  When I booked her flight 3 weeks ago, I chose this flight because it was the last Chicago-Germany flight of the day...good thing I did.  No other Chicago flight flew to Germany yesterday.

But as Lee Corso would say...not so fast my friends!  She still needed a flight to get from Frankfurt to Geneva.  All of these flights are canceled!  So my mom, a recent cancer survivor, a mom of three, a true-Hoosier, will have to navigate the German rails without a cell phone or any knowledge of the German language (except for Schlueter).

If all goes to plan, she'll arrive sometime tonight in Geneva.  Let's all keep hoping that our incredible luck continues!


  1. She will do fine, although she will probably be exhausted when she gets to Geneva! Let us know how it goes and your itinerary. Greg

  2. Yeah -- so glad she is on her way!