Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Best Cuisine: #3

#3: Krakow

Variety: 3
Pierogi, Glumpki, Kielbasa, Meat
Price: 5
One of my favorite stories: I treated my couchsurfing host and her roommate to dinner one night.  I got my food first (a lot of food) and was first to the cashier.  The total was 8 euros.  I told her that I wanted to buy the other dinners, too.  She said that I just did.
Beverages: 3
Pretty good beer.
Fullness: 5
Again...I couldn't finish my dinner.
Fancyness: 2
Sausages and cabbage....not featured in Etiquette Magazine.
Casual Dining Experience: 5
Sausages and pierogi everywhere
Venues: 5
Great bars, eclectic restaurants
"It": 4
I'm 1/4 Polish living near Chicago...this was really cool for me.
Total: 32

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